Simply Lost

Ciara. 18. This is my personal blog. Not afraid of what anyone thinks. I'm definitely not what you would call normal. I post weird creepy stuff. I like dark scary things. And I love music, specifically Post-Hardcore. I'm just a sad, misunderstood shy person. Follow me or talk to me, I consider myself a friendly person.



who the fuck is snapchatting in the serenghetti


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why the fuck does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal i’d find a way to erase my student debt and also probably steal a bunch of new clothes

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Do you want to know what real procrastination is?

I can’t do algebra, so in one hour I have taught myself morse code, and I have spent the last ten minuets writing the lyrics to Pompeii fluently in morse


../.— .- …/-. —- -/.-.. -.— .. -. —.

I am the procratination QUEEN

i did not learn morse in less than an hour for 16 notes

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