Simply Lost

Ciara. 18. This is my personal blog. Not afraid of what anyone thinks. I'm definitely not what you would call normal. I post weird creepy stuff. I like dark scary things. And I love music, specifically Post-Hardcore. I'm just a sad, misunderstood shy person. Follow me or talk to me, I consider myself a friendly person.

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The world is most beautiful at 4 AM because people are asleep and nature is wide awake.



"Tumblr is a hate-free environment!"





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You say you miss the old Ciara… But you don’t realize that you have changed too…

As I lay here

While lying in bed… I think nothing but death. Myself that is… Thinking about how many people I knew and love would be there at my funeral… Mourning of the loss… Constantly thinking about how everyone would feel.. The expressions on their face… Its so vivid it almost seems like its real. And its making me sad. And in this moment I realize how many people actually care about me. And see how they’d care even more if I had died.. But now in the present… I hear from hardly any of those people… Its sad that the your own death would probably get you more attention than if you were alive.

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