Simply Lost

Ciara. 19. This is my personal blog. Not afraid of what anyone thinks. I'm definitely not what you would call normal. I post weird creepy stuff. I like dark things. And I love music, specifically Post-Hardcore. I'm just a sad, misunderstood shy person. Follow me or talk to me, I consider myself a friendly person.

Theres always someone else… I suppose..

My dad is right… If you can’t push the reset button and move forward from it… Then its times to get out.. If its not growing… And only focusing on the negative… Its time to get out..





One of the best mom moments in TV history. I wish more parents knew how important it is to validate their children’s feelings.

What this is so beautiful

Marge tried real fucking hard sometimes.

Marge tried real fucking hard all the time

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NEVER put people down for being excited about a new song or album their favorite band puts out. Sometimes music is the only thing people have to look forward to or keep them going in life. Music is some peoples vice in life.  

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School:no shoulder-revealing shirts
School:you might ferociously anal fist each other in the hallway
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